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Smoochie and the Bean

I joined this crazy place on 2013-08-13, 10 years ago.

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Has anyone seen the movie "Heaven Is Real"? - 9 years ago

I see your point, and while I agree this is possible that this may have happened, it worries me that it has been made into a movie for all to see. It makes me uneasy because this movie is not com...

What do you think? - 9 years ago

Why do we have to make special accommodations for butch women and guys in skirts? People need to get over themselves and stop being such freaks.

Has anyone seen the movie "Heaven Is Real"? - 9 years ago

I haven't seen the movie, but I have heard of it and countless other "out of body" experiences. Deep down, these sorts of stories being broadcast to the World as truth really and truly bothers me...

What is a soul? - 9 years ago

Communal Wine - 9 years ago

John, that is exactly what I am obsessing over, trying to determine whether or not Jesus drank and approves of us drinking alcoholic wine.

Gross Habit - 9 years ago

Whoops lol

Gross Habit - 9 years ago

Oh I am going to hate this! I'll update yall...eventually.

USPS Rant - 9 years ago

The lady directly across the street, whose house number is only one digit off from ours, has our exact same last name. It has been crazy.

Puppy Love - 9 years ago

I love this!! So sweet. If my lab was ever gone, my tortoise would run after her as fast as her little tortie legs could take her.

Ever just been in a bad mood? - 9 years ago

Haha that sounds really nice!!

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