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I joined this crazy place on 2013-09-22, 10 years ago.

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Life!!!!!!!!!! - 9 years ago

It is always a downward spiral when we start a remodel! I am like you, I am too old for this. I restained my kitchen cabinets and they look brand new. But it took me nearly a week to recover:)

Life!!!!!!!!!! - 9 years ago

Are you getting the tile like I had installed? You will love it. I can't wait for you to get moved, I plan on visiting:) Nothing is more stressful than a major remodel. Between our counterto...

Depression - 9 years ago

Excellent post TO. You never know what someone else is going through. And this is excellent advice. Stephen Fry is correct, it is hard to be friends with someone going through this. You want t...

Wendy Davis for Governor - 9 years ago

Amen to that TO. I can't imagine any thinking person voting for Wendy. But like you say, the no information voter will. Many times over.

Wreck at 59 and NorthPark - 9 years ago

Ya'll are right on the money. blueherron4, should be banned from this site. She should be too ashamed to post here, knowing that people she robbed and hurt on KU post here, or read here. Some p...

Cleaning kitchen cabinets - 9 years ago

I get these items at Ace. I am sure Lowe's has them as well.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets - 9 years ago

Murphy's Oil Soap is the only way to go with wood cabinets. Get a bucket with some really hot water and then put the Murphy's Oil Soap in. Get a sponge and use this to wipe your cabinets down. A...

UPDATE: Looks like a great day to...... - 9 years ago

Ah so glad she named the baby after me! Love her name:)

Rumor or what? - 9 years ago

Well until she is arrested for robbing a bank to say that she did that doesn't need to be happening. Facts are pretty simple to stick too. She was arrested for stealing, so that is fair game. A...

Truly blessed- - 9 years ago

Don't push for the bike too early. That was the hardest part for my dh after his knee surgery. He could walk and golf, but the bike was the hardest. You are doing remarkable!

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