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Rumor or what?

who's talking here?

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AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

Supposedly the rumor is that the woman that robbed the Woodforest bank was caught and arrested today. Lived on Clear Ridge Dr. in Sherwood trails. Anyone hear anything? 

FANCY PANTS --- 8 years ago -

I wonder what her story is. 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

me too. Someone else was arrested on that street on V-day bonded the day after. 

Froggie --- 8 years ago -

Wow.....I just heard, I had several messages of FB when I logged in this morning.

Sad....just sad.

= { 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

Yes it is. And now I am supposedly her?? Wow so glad you guys know me in person! 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

I am disguised and hurt. I felt sorry for her I prayed with her. I believed people telling me she was harmless. People that personally knew her. And promoted her. We always need to follow that gut feeling. No matter how others feel.

If it's her I wouldn't be shocked. But people are realizing she does resemble the woman in the bank robberies 

Sincerely --- 8 years ago -


You are supposedly the person that was arrested? That doesnt make any sense 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

Sincerely, the mean-girl crowd is comparing Angie to BH and saying they are the same person. It's one more of their mean-girl tactics.

They are demonizing anyone who tried to see the good in BH, anyone who stood up to the bullies who were putting her down. They were so cruel to her online. Angie is their target now. 

FANCY PANTS --- 8 years ago -

We always need to follow that gut feeling. No matter how others feel.

That is so right! We need to listen to our intuition. God gave us the ability to know when something is not quite right. We have to listen and not suppress our gut feeling.

Sorry many have been affected and got sucked into this woman's lies. 

Sincerely --- 8 years ago -

Okay, so you made me go look because I didnt know who BH was

Whoa! That is one long con she ran using that site.

I do remember her asking for things a lot, but so did other people. It's too bad some people take advantage of it.

It's also too bad some people cant understand that bullying and abuse is not okay, even if you *think* someone deserves it. 

grandma again --- 8 years ago -

it is all so heartbreaking! :( 

Meme (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

Ok..I have no idea what you all are talking about. I don't read ku anymore. I had several kuers who are libs that I thought was ok, but then I got some pms that they were talking about me on their "secret site". That was when I left and came here. Crazy. 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

BH (whom posts here) is going down on criminal charges for stealing from people. She is taking the stuff back to people and leaving on porches. She stole so much its pathetic. Then some of the stuff returned to others doesn't belong to them so the police are looking into MORE victims. We are also thinking she is the same person that robbed the woodforest bank but cant get any answers. 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

tonight she returned more items to someone she stole from. But its not the items they are missing. One woman lost a wedding ring that belonged to her mom. 

Fallon --- 8 years ago -

Well until she is arrested for robbing a bank to say that she did that doesn't need to be happening.

Facts are pretty simple to stick too. She was arrested for stealing, so that is fair game.

Anything else said, needs to be thought out. And if it doesn't need to be said, then just walk away and don't say it. 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

Anything else said, needs to be thought out. And if it doesn't need to be said, then just walk away and don't say it.


The police are not that dumb that they would not put 2 & 2 together and think that she resembles the bank robber. The tellers who have seen her frequently are not that stupid they wouldn't recognize a voice or partial face of someone they serve on a frequent basis.

IMO everyone should stop speculating, dragging her already tarnished name through the nasty mud. Let the police do their job. In fact, all the crap put on KU could possibly be used by her attorney to claim the jury pool is prejudiced/tarnished and she could possibly get off.

This whole thing is sad, very sad. Blue should never had lowered herself to stealing from her clients, from anyone. We don't know the circumstances in her life, none of it is an excuse, but we do not walk in her shoes.

I'm most sad for her niece having to live through this in her neighborhood and in her school. Can you imagine the other kids taunting her? I feel sad for her most of all. 

Froggie --- 8 years ago -

This whole thing makes me sick! I referred BH to a friend, called her yesterday and asked if she was missing anything. Lo and behold she is, she thought she had misplaced them but has searched and searched the house but came up empty handed.

I'm with you Oma, the niece is probably catching pure hell right now, kids can be so cruel.

= [ 

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