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Wreck at 59 and NorthPark

who's talking here?

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blueherron4 --- 9 years ago -

They had a real bad wreck on 59 and NorthPark south bound side black truck and moroon small car. Did not get what kind of car or truck just color.The had NorthPark block off going in to Oakhursh.They had firetruck,ambulance,
and 8 police cars. The moroon car was in real bad shape.And as always there was lots and lots of wrecker there.This was around (3:30 4:00pm)Does anyone know anything about it. 

Froggie --- 9 years ago -

I may be banned from this forum...but I have to ask you....HOW dare you come here...after taking advantage...preying on those whose trusted you....

This may be my last post here...I just can't condone it...I'm sorry. 

AngieKaye --- 9 years ago -

Froggie I love you! 

AFWife --- 9 years ago -

Yep, been thinking about leaving also. It is also the reason I don't post much here. 

Fallon --- 9 years ago -

Ya'll are right on the money. blueherron4, should be banned from this site.

She should be too ashamed to post here, knowing that people she robbed and hurt on KU post here, or read here.

Some people have no shame. Or they think others have a short memory and they are biding their time waiting to start scamming again. 

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