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I joined this crazy place on 2013-09-23, 10 years ago.

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HA! I've been iced - 9 years ago

Oh my, apparently on KU1 it's okay for others to call your attitude out, but not okay for some!? Okay, okay I admit I used a bad word, haha but "she" deserved it....oops! I know, I know, grow up r...

Dumped puppy - 9 years ago

That's the toughest part of having animals! We love them so much, they reciprocate....then they become ill and we all know what happens next. I say after my two Shelties go to the Rainbow Bridge I'm d...

Dumped puppy - 9 years ago

Oh my gosh!!! The preciousness in this picture..

I need quick wit! - 9 years ago

Thank you Tex.... I guessing consider her a so-so maybe a little more than that friend so it's really not worth letting her comments and comparisons ruffle my feathers. But that's just it, there i...

I need quick wit! - 9 years ago

I have a friend from Germany who is constantly comparing the U.S to her native country of Germany. I try to slough it off and say something witty or fairly smart, but she keeps going. It's not all the...

Zits, zits and more zits.. - 9 years ago

Yes I've been using a combination of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid only on the effected areas, which for me is my chin. Bp is extremely drying so I have to stay moisturized, but it's it's been f...

Zits, zits and more zits.. - 9 years ago

Thank you for responding over here too! I actually have visited dr. Greenburg a few times for a few different facial reasons and she never mentioned anything. I'll give it a try again..

Zits, zits and more zits.. - 9 years ago

I posted this on KU1 and received pretty good suggestions on how to combat adult onset acne so I thought I would ask over here too! I'm 43 and had beautiful skin until 30 and moving here. I think I...

What is a soul? - 9 years ago

That's a big deep question! But I do like what you're saying so far and where it's headed...

Life Changes - 9 years ago

Hang in there kiddo, hang in there! My sis-in-law is the same way, she doesn't know how to say no especially when children are involved and because of it,her family (IMHO) takes advantage of her a...

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