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Life Changes

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grandma again --- 9 years ago -

Anyone who knows me knows that I can not stand "change" in any part of my life...ever.

It seems as though the last few years have been constant "change" mode for me and it leaves me exhausted!

I lost my best buddy, my dog and his name was actually "Buddy".

My oldest grandson..the one who was in Iraq, got a divorce and has moved off to Iowa to get some trucking business started for Veterans. He needed "change", even though I did not like it much.

My next to oldest grandson has been living with us. He has a wonderful job and I just pray he will be mature enough to keep his job and do what s expected of him. He is a great young man, just sort of lost in life it seems to me. Mostly because he had a pretty lousy dad (i am ex-motherin-law of his dad so i can say he was lousy). Anyway, he moved out Friday night. He still lives on the property here and is over in the little trailer where my shop was. I have just about worn my body, mind and soul out trying to get it emptied and some sort of ready for him to move in to.

Now, I am praying hard that I will NEVER have to have any more grand children have to live with us. I am not the least bit selfish, just very tired and need a break and feeling every second of my age right now.

I also need to let you all know, I have brought all this on myself and know it. Maybe, just maybe, I have learned how to say "NO" every once in a while. Thanks for letting me vent and have my pitty party with you listening.

Now, I need a big bowl of chocolate ice cream with hot caramel poured over it and a few fresh strawberries, please. 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

GA, sometimes it is so difficult to say no...I speak from experience!


june --- 9 years ago -

GA, your only fault is a big heart :) You have done a wonderful thing in being a safe place for your grandchildren to fall. With your help, they have found love, wisdom and support when they needed a place to regroup. Now that you have been that, done that for them it is time for you to focus on yourself. Yes, "yourself"! With your health issues, upcoming surgery etc. it is now time for you to have less work/responsibility and let family take care of you. I hope you will be good to yourself and do that. You need your energy to heal. Take joy in the fact that God used you to step in for these young men and give them what they needed. With that done, you now deserve some rest, care of your own. Keep us posted on your surgery/recovery and by all means stock that freezer w/chocolate ice cream!!! 

AngieKaye --- 9 years ago -

hugs to you GA you like most of us have a huge heart when it comes to others, specially our family. Keep a chin up. He will eventually make it on his own and use your help and wisdom to succeed in life! 

grandma again --- 9 years ago -

june, you made me cry. see why i searched for you and treasure your friendship? :)

thank you, too, TO and AK. i really appreciate you both and treasure you, too. 

FabFive --- 9 years ago -

GA, at the end of the day, God knows tour heart and your intentions. Sometimes I remember than when I get weary. Hugs. 

june --- 9 years ago -

GA~we somehow seem to "connect" at just the right times don't we? :) :) So glad you searched---praying for you! Keep us posted. 

MonzaRacer (Admin) --- 9 years ago -

Now, I need a big bowl of chocolate ice cream with hot caramel poured over it and a few fresh strawberries, please.

I only have some Blue Bell Cookies & Cream...will that do... 

grandma again --- 9 years ago -

monza, that wold be great! i can pick the cookies out with a fork. :) 

Kayry --- 8 years ago -

Hang in there kiddo, hang in there!

My sis-in-law is the same way, she doesn't know how to say no especially when children are involved and because of it,her family (IMHO) takes advantage of her and her DH. BUT, she is THE most loving, giving, selfless person I know and is happy helping others!

Again, hang in there kid, hang in! 

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