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I joined this crazy place on 2014-02-19, 9 years ago.

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Grandbaby Updadate - 8 years ago

This is the birth photographer's FB page. There are 3 photos of Henry's birth (a few posts down) [url=https://www.facebook.com/birthisbeautifulcapturedbyina?pnref=story]Birth Is Beautiful FB[/url]

Grandbaby Updadate - 8 years ago

Sorry haven't posted lately, just been busy. Midwife couldn't turn the baby so c-section is on 12/16. I'm heading to Ft Worth on Monday for a few weeks. Beyond excited!!!

Had to put down one of our cats today - 9 years ago

I've been lucky I guess that our previous animals died naturally. Today was the first time I had to make that decision. I've known for 2 weeks but dang I feel terrible about the whole thing.

It's A Boy!!! - 9 years ago

Thanks all! She is visiting next weekend so hopefully we can get the done planning the baby shower for here.

Lillabeth has passed away .... - 9 years ago

This was really terrible to hear. Only chatted with her online a few times. I've added her family to a few prayer lists.

Wreck at 59 and NorthPark - 9 years ago

Yep, been thinking about leaving also. It is also the reason I don't post much here.

It's A Boy!!! - 9 years ago

Yes, 1st one!

It's A Boy!!! - 9 years ago

They are in Ft Worth. Due on Dec 16. I'm so excited :)

It's A Boy!!! - 9 years ago

Reveal party was yesterday! Now I can go shopping for a grandson!

AngieKaye - 9 years ago

Love it!

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