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Grandbaby Updadate

who's talking here?

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AFWife --- 8 years ago -

Sorry haven't posted lately, just been busy. Midwife couldn't turn the baby so c-section is on 12/16. I'm heading to Ft Worth on Monday for a few weeks. Beyond excited!!! 

MonzaRacer (Admin) --- 8 years ago -

Hope all goes well... 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

Update ?? Ours is coming tonight. Right now she's at about 2. Water broke at 10:30pm. Now the waiting has started 

AFWife --- 8 years ago -

This is the birth photographer's FB page. There are 3 photos of Henry's birth (a few posts down) Birth Is Beautiful FB 

AuthorMan (Mod) --- 8 years ago -


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