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Just stuck

I joined this crazy place on 2013-05-12, 9 years ago.

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Raining In Kingwood :) - 8 years ago

MY Dh is obsessive! But the yard looks great it's been a few years. I even added flowers & bushes the last 2 days!

Raining In Kingwood :) - 8 years ago

We're still waiting here in Bear Branch. Last night went to Lucille's for dinner & it rained while we dined. Got home - less than 3 miles & no rain here. What's that all about!?!?!? We had new sod put...

^I see gals doing this all the time... - 8 years ago

When I was able to do that, there were no such animal as airbags. I would drive with my left foot on the dash & use my right to accelerate & brake. Now I couldn't get my leg up that high!

(._.) ( l: ) ( .-. ) ( :l ) (._.) ( l: ) ( .-. ) ( :l ) (._.) - 8 years ago

I know how it feels. That's me in the middle of the night trying to get out of bed to tinkle....

Where do your donate your used items? - 8 years ago

Boy did I have a great day today!!! - 8 years ago

Today may be even better, it's gorgeous out!

100 year old BFFs - 8 years ago

My BF & I were born in the same year & raised on the same block over 50yrs ago. We both had 2 older brothers & no sisters, and we're still besties.

Lord, why do they do this? - 8 years ago

AngieKaye Cabbage Patch dolls didn't come out till 1983, the commercials on all the time saying they are 30 yrs old. I keep messing with my niece who will turn 30 on Christmas eve, that she was born ...

Made a big ole pot - 8 years ago

@FabFive I usually use cream of celery, I don't care for canned mushrooms. I think I've also used cream of chicken.

I just can't do it anymore - 8 years ago

[i]I'll just say it..these following people are driving posters away....*waving at*WaterfallWinningWatchoutDorothy ParkerTheuglytruth/ whywhywhy[/i] Boy you hit that nail on the head....

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