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I think I am totally sick after reading this!

who's talking here?

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AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

State suspends license of Houston abortion doctor
A Houston physician has temporarily lost his license thanks to a new state law regarding abortion practices. The state board determined Dr. Theodore M. Herring unlawfully performed 268 abortions in the span of two days. 

MonzaRacer (Admin) --- 8 years ago -

He needs to be aborted... 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

^^^ totally agree! At this rate of killing kids he would of put to death 48,910 children in a year! 

Job 40 4 --- 8 years ago -

Abortion stops a beating heart 

Fallon --- 8 years ago -

268 in 2 days?

How is that even possible? Those women, while making a bad decision in my opinion, have to have some kind of medical care, and that many in that short of time, it wouldn't be possible.

I mean he had to sleep and eat at some point during those 2 days.

You can't preform that many medical procedures on anyone in that span of time and the patient get any kind of care at all. 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

Thats what I was thinking Fallon. Its just plain sickening. I am sure he has "premed" students helping his clinic but the head Dr takes the blame.

I agreed with this new law requiring them to be affiliated with a near by hospital. Sucking the life out of someone you need to be prepared for anything to happen.

I understand abort if endangering the mom, rape or incest. But to do it for birth control? Which is what 90% of them are! 

FANCY PANTS --- 8 years ago -

268 abortions in the span of two days.

How on earth could he possibly eat, sleep, shower, drive to work, and wash his hands in between each abortion? OMG that is 134 abortions a day, 16.75 abortions an hour in an 8 hour day, one abortion every 3.58 min. These women that have gone to him could not have had any actual medical care. How on earth could they keep that many instruments sterilized? I wonder how many diseases he has spread with dirty hands and instruments. 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

I am sure it being a clinic there is more than one dr just the head dr takes the fall 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

someone brought to my attention the error that the Chronicle posted in the email I copied that from. HEres the story.. Actually its less abortions but still abortions. :(

link title 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

I was thinking there were too many in that tally. It would be like an assembly line. It would have been no way he could do 268. 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

I was thinking there were too many in that tally. It would be like an assembly line. There would have been no way he could do 268. 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

yeah thats the HYPE of the Chronicle go figure, just like channel 2 gives those feeler emails and post on facebook to make you wanna watch at 10pm and ends up being totally the opposite of what they advertised! 

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