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Job 40 4

I joined this crazy place on 2013-06-01, 10 years ago.

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Born Again! - 9 years ago

Where's my Jellybean? - 9 years ago

Visit soon - 9 years ago

Cosmos - 9 years ago

Neil Tyson is a shill for the left, a philosopher - not a scientist. He does not have an academic pedigree and is incapable of "showing the work" in his theories. His support for the climate change f...

What a mess! - 9 years ago

Maybe dragging it out hoping something changes, witnesses back out, child drops charges, cash settlement from scumbag or school district, never know. The Kroger order today might protect the scouts or...

What a mess! - 9 years ago

Reset again to April 2... But added: ORDER NOT ALLOWED ON KROGERS PREM ORDER 3410 N. PARK DRIVE,KINGWOOD Messing with Girl Scouts now?

What a mess! - 9 years ago

Bump Remember Coach - Court starts tomorrow at 9am sharp! Was it worth it?

Learning to fly - 9 years ago

Big puppy - 9 years ago

Maddie - 9 years ago

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