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I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-24, 10 years ago.

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Anyone able to sew a ragdoll? - 6 years ago

I'm looking for someone to sew/make a ragdoll for me. I have a pattern. This will be a Christmas present for my granddaughter so I'm getting desperate to find someone. The doll is 21 inches. Of cours...

Life Changes - 9 years ago

GA~we somehow seem to "connect" at just the right times don't we? :) :) So glad you searched---praying for you! Keep us posted.

Life Changes - 9 years ago

GA, your only fault is a big heart :) You have done a wonderful thing in being a safe place for your grandchildren to fall. With your help, they have found love, wisdom and support when they needed a ...

Stomach issues - 10 years ago

Another item I now am careful about is shrimp. If you will look on the package, many are harvested in Viet Nam etc. I saw a documentary not long ago showing the filthy conditions these shrimp were har...

Saturday Vet? - 10 years ago

Oh GA what an exhausting few days you have had! It seems things just happen in sequence like that at times. I know you must be so tired both mentally and physically. Hope you can wrap up that cooking ...

Saturday Vet? - 10 years ago

GA I'm so so sorry. I know you loved your Buddy and it is so touching the way these babies love us back unconditionally. I know today was wrenching and you will miss him terribly, but remember if you ...

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