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I joined this crazy place on 2013-04-10, 9 years ago.

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Four Reasons NOT to Vote for Hillary - 7 years ago

^^^^^^^^^like = ]

CHL - 7 years ago

Our records were clean too, my prints just didn't "take" the first time. We enjoyed our instructor...he was a hoot!!

CHL - 7 years ago

Yay Angie!!!!! It took right about 60 days for my "plastic" to come, Pepper is correct. I had to redo my fingerprints so DH got his before I did. = ]

Froggie - 7 years ago

Oma, you are welcome to come over anytime!!! No invitation necessary! = ]

Froggie - 7 years ago

Angie....thanks for the offer but I'm good. I have someone coming over twice a week to help with laundry, housework and driving me here and there. I'll be ok soon, you are sweet to offer! = }...

Froggie - 7 years ago

Awwww....thanks rwm. I don't mean to gripe but I just had to. = /

Froggie - 7 years ago

Froggie has been laying low...I fell and broke my arm last Sunday. I broke the humerous (sp) bone in my left arm...ya can't cast that part so I'm in an immobilizer sling and it sucks!! It feels like...

^Stages of Life... - 7 years ago

LOL!!! I too suffer from CRS and I've earned every forgetful moment!! = ]

Wreck at 59 and NorthPark - 7 years ago

I may be banned from this forum...but I have to ask you....HOW dare you come here...after taking advantage...preying on those whose trusted you.... This may be my last post here...I just can't cond...

Lillabeth has passed away .... - 7 years ago

So sad.....my heart breaks for her family...

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