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who's talking here?

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AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

Can't wait! think we are finally going this friday. Will be a huge fun filled day for us. First getting our CHL then going to the Tea Party Freedom festival with Ted Cruz and Ted Poe. So excited!! 

rightwingmom --- 8 years ago -

That's awesome AK! Welcome to the CHL Club.

Where's the Tea Party Freedom festival being held? 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

Humble civic center Friday starts at 6pm. 

Pepper --- 8 years ago -

Angie, kudos to you for getting a CHL. I got mine several years ago and carry everyday.

I'm guessing you're taking your CHL class on Friday, which means you still have to send your application & paperwork to the state. So don't be surprised if the state is a little slow in sending you your "plastic".

The last time I checked, I think the rule is they have to send it to you within 60 days of receiving your application, however; I read where some people got their plastic in only a couple of weeks. I think it depends largely on the person whose desk it landed on for processing.

Here's a link to TexasCHLforum that has lots of forums and articles on the latest and greatest regarding changes to the law and an interpretation of what they mean. Plus, there's a lot of good "geez whiz" information there, too.

Go to the forum titled, "The Waiting Room" and you'll get an idea how long others have been waiting for the state to process their CHL.

Good luck and again, kudos!


Froggie --- 8 years ago -

Yay Angie!!!!! It took right about 60 days for my "plastic" to come, Pepper is correct. I had to redo my fingerprints so DH got his before I did.

= ] 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

LOL hopefully they will find that since we have absolutely nothing on our records they will speed it up:) 

Froggie --- 8 years ago -

Our records were clean too, my prints just didn't "take" the first time. We enjoyed our instructor...he was a hoot!! 

Alaska Again --- 8 years ago -

We got the electronic prints. Glad you are getting your CHL. It is nice to be able to carry when needed. 

Pepper --- 8 years ago -


Just curious if you submitted your CHL application to the state? 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

Not yet. Tumbleson was awesome tho! I did shoot a 245 out of 250. Husband got 249. Lol.

We should be sending it off this week. Have to go get fingerprints done first. It's so much easier now with everything done online and fingerprints are instantly sent to te states database. They also use your tdl picture now so u don't have to submit one 

Pepper --- 8 years ago -

That's some pretty good shooting, I'll have to start calling you "Annie" ...

When I submitted my application when it was still -via- "snail mail", but I've read that it's a much faster process now that you can do it all online.

Be sure to get those finger prints done ASAP! 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

So we finalized all the papers online on the 18th Had fingerprints done on the 17th Just received the chl card in the mail today (3rd). Wasn't expecting it that fast. Still waiting on husbands. Hope it will come tomorrow :)

Now ladies. How do you prefer to carry? Purse or holster? 

Pepper --- 8 years ago -

Congratulations, Angie ... that's really fast.

When I submitted mine a couple of years ago, it took nearly 90 days from the date I submitted the paperwork to when I received my "plastic".

Did you do the "Wally Walk"? 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

lol I was all giggles and so proud! Hubbins still didn't get here today, so hopefully soon! Going holster shopping this weekend to find one where I can keep it in the truck without worries about it inside the console, for easier access. 

AuthorMan (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

"You'll shoot your eye out!" 

Pepper --- 8 years ago -

Angie, Google "The Holster Store".

I've bought several holsters online from them and they're all of good quality leather and very affordable.

Make sure you buy one that you're comfortable wearing and that you break it in correctly. 

Pepper --- 8 years ago -

Here's the link to The Holster Store, Angie.

The Holster Store 

rightwingmom --- 8 years ago -

I have a Flashbang holster for my Kel tec 380.

Here's an Amazon link to several. You purchase it by the model gun you're carrying b/c the plastic shell is made to fit it specifically.

Flashbang holster on Amazon

Can't get the videos to embed.
You'll have to click on the links below to see them. :/

Sales lady demo video

This video is what sold me! 

AngieKaye --- 8 years ago -

Kewl thanks. I will look into those. Might be getting the new Walter ccp so might wait on holster. Do want to look into defense classes now 

AuthorMan (Mod) --- 8 years ago -


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