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Alaska Again

I joined this crazy place on 2014-06-13, 9 years ago.

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Are you happier today? - 8 years ago

Well he is in a dilemma. If he tries to do harm then he is going to hurt Hillary's chances of becoming president. She made a big mistake by becoming part of his administration.

Are you happier today? - 8 years ago

I agree. I feel hopeful. Still waiting on all the ballots to be counted in Alaska, but it looks like Dan Sullivan will win.

CHL - 9 years ago

We got the electronic prints. Glad you are getting your CHL. It is nice to be able to carry when needed.

ISIS / ISIL Threat - 9 years ago

I'm kinda glad to be in Alaska right now. We aren't far from the military bases. Plus, Alaska is an open carry state. You see people carrying guns everywhere.

Same as always.. - 9 years ago

Weather report just said a low of 40 tonight. Some snow in northern Alaska.

Same as always.. - 9 years ago

Nice and cool here. High of 61 today.

Same as always.. - 9 years ago

Just checking in. Haven't been on in a while. Checked the other site and it looks like I haven't missed anything. Hope everyone is doing well.

Hello everyone... - 9 years ago

Hello, I haven't posted here in so long that I forgot my password and had to create a new account. Hope everyone is doing well.

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