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What a mess!

who's talking here?

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Kayry --- 9 years ago -

We all need to pray for the K-Park coach, his family, the girl and her family during this very tumultuous time!

What a mess... : / 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

It is a mess. I don't understand his not controlling his urges, knowing her age. Teenage girls are impressed that an older, good looking male likes them, but the adult in the situation should maintain dignity for the two of them. It is very easy to be caught up in the moment, but his adult brain was suppose to be in charge of his lower brain.

I feel for his family and her family....they are the ones being embarrassed and facing media scrutiny when they should be left alone. 

Pepper --- 9 years ago -

^^^ I agree, Oma ^^^ 

Kayry --- 9 years ago -

I agree as well! 

rightwingmom --- 9 years ago -

^^^ 1000% w/ Oma! ^^^ 

Job 40 4 --- 9 years ago -

I always thought there was something wrong with a grown man that wants to spend all day around children, just doesn't seem natural. Hope the school has recovered from the shock - hard to regain trust once broken - knowing fellow teachers looked the other way. Has the community in Hunters Ridge been alerted to watch children around this sexual predator? Has someone talked Daddy out of taking revenge on this rapist?

Two families ruined because of lust. He deserves everything he gets. 

Pepper --- 9 years ago -

^^^ Could not agree with you more, Job ^^^ 

Kayry --- 9 years ago -

I pray it's not as bad as you think it's is Job! 

Fallon --- 9 years ago -

Well it is that bad. The teacher admitted to having sex with the student. He was a 30+ yr old man. He was married. He had children. He had family that has worked in the school district for years.

This pos knew what he was doing.

The girl is irrelevant in all of this. She isn't the only one at the school I am sure that may have decided to flirt with a teacher.

The difference being, he is a grown man in a position of power. He knew to end it the minute it got out of hand.

No way is she the first girl that he has done this with.
I imagine there are more. The man is a predator. A stupid one, but one nonetheless.

He put things in writing. He knew the proof was there yet continued to lie. He had faculty and students still supporting him when he knew he was lying. He made the girl a victim twice.

I hope those that say well, he is a great guy and wonderful father, feel like asses. There is nothing great about this man. He is a disgrace. 

Fallon --- 9 years ago -

Job you are 100% correct. 

Fallon --- 9 years ago -

I will pray that he gets what he deserves. My real prayers will go to his victim, his wife, and his children.

They all deserve prayers. He deserves jail time. 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Fallon - I thought the news said the girl didn't go to the school, that she was 17 and in a different school district.

Not that that matters, she is still a child and he is still an adult supposedly with a adult brain. He still should have kept his zipper zipped and NEVER been with a child PERIOD!!! Just wanting the story straight.

My guess is that he possibly met her while she was a student at his middle school, or maybe he taught at a high school and became involved with the girl...then moved to the middle school. But in any case - he should have known better and deserves anything he gets. If I were on the jury, he would not get off scott-free like the sentence the woman who was having sex with her student got.....talk about double standard!!!!! 

Kayry --- 9 years ago -

I really can't argue with much of what you said, however I don't think the term predator applies to him. I might agree with the p o s term! 

Fallon --- 9 years ago -

She went to the high school, KPARK, that the teacher taught at TO.

No idea how long he knew her. Looks like this started when she was younger than 17, but I have no idea how much younger.

I would say predator works for him. He is in a position to troll for victims and that is what he did.

No normal man at 30+ in age, would think having sex with a teen was a great thing. He has something wrong with him. Not even a man in the middle of a mid life crisis would think that was a grand idea. Because a normal man would know that no teen would be interested in him.

It is disgusting.

And to do this when you work at the school and know the consequences. It boggles the mind. 

Kayry --- 9 years ago -

Fallon at this point there is no evidence he trolled her or other HS girls for a relationship in a predatory manner! I really agree with you for the most part, however I don't believe for a second that she's blameless. I know I know, I know he's 100% responsible, BUT she's not blameless! 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

however I don't believe for a second that she's blameless. I know I know, I know he's 100% responsible, BUT she's not blameless!

This I agree with. I can remember being a teenager and flirting with the cute teachers - it was back when teachers were dinosaurs, but I do remember thinking some were sooooo cute. I'm betting this crap went on way back then, just went totally unnoticed because the victim didn't tell because they felt 'special' and the teacher didn't tell because they knew it was wrong. I'm betting even the female on male student crap was happening back then, but wasn't in the media.

I know the child molestation/child predator stuff was going on then, my sister was molested by the janitor of our elementary school and I didn't know about that until we were grown. I remember walking across the bayou bridge to get back home after school and the creepy man 'playing with himself' in a car next to the sidewalk, at the library men would do the same on the library steps. Pervs have always been pervs - just now, the media reports it and people are more aware and take action to stop it.

Kayry - I also think the teacher is a perv - simply because he should have known better and acted on his impulses. He may not have sought out this girl, she may be his only victim, but he did what he did and he knew from the very get-go that it was wrong. Would he have wanted the same to happen to his daughter (if he had one)? No matter how flirtatious a teenage girl or boy it the duty of the adult to keep their distance from the child....no matter how strong the urges are. 

Fallon --- 9 years ago -

There is evidence he trolled for one victim.

It makes me a little sick to think of the crap this girl has taken because of this pos. He picked her. She may have felt special to be smiled at or complimented by this popular teacher. She may have been a flat out hooker. But he was in a position of authority. He ran this game. From start to finish.

He is a predator and will be labeled one from now on too. 

AngieKaye --- 9 years ago -

Kids (teenagers) have been sleeping with teachers since before time. I remember several girls that were rumored to be sleeping with certain coaches.

Its called statutory rape. But that only means that its a person under the age of 18. Hell my husband and i got caught once when I was 17 and he was 20 cop said my parents could have him arrested for that. Even though there is the teenagers consent its against the law.

Now the media always leaves out the full description of what the law states. They always put the headline to read "rapes child" Kids now adays are growing up faster they know exactly what they are doing. Its time the courts see that when sentencing comes. 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

She may have been a flat out hooker. But he was in a position of authority. He ran this game. From start to finish.

Exactly. And that's why it all falls on his shoulders.

Our son could easily have been charged with statutory rape - he was barely 17 and his girlfriend (mother of our grandsons) was only 15 1/2. Fortunately her family didn't file charges on him and when he found she was pregnant, he did ask her to marry him - so they were married shortly before the first gs was born. But they could have made him a criminal if they had so chose to....even thought they were both young and stupid and in love.

Unfortunately the Sex Offenders List includes many of these young love cases - they should be separated and handled differently from those who rape and those who are child predators. I know of one instance of a college guy who had consensual sex with a classmate who cried rape. She recanted just before trial and tried to get them to drop charges. The Walker County sheriff and DA proceeded with with the case and he is now forever labeled a sex offender. Sad....I've been told that even the SO in his current county said it shouldn't have turned out the way it did. There needs to be changes made to the sex offender rules. 

Kayry --- 9 years ago -

I still think we need to be a little more fair until we have all the facts! 

Kayry --- 9 years ago -

Remember, pray for everyone involved and not crucify anyone! 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

I still think we need to be a little more fair until we have all the facts!

Remember, pray for everyone involved and not crucify anyone!

That I can do. I do pray especially for the parents of the girl and the wife & children of the man - they are totally innocent in all of this. The media will be knocking on their doors for interviews - they do not care who they drag through the mud. 

Fallon --- 9 years ago -

Exactly TO. It has to be awful for the girl to be made a victim twice. She may have consented to the sex, but the man was 35, that is just disgusting on any level.

And I am not sure what other facts people are waiting on? He said he had sex with her. He said he let things go too far. The emails were too explicit to be allowed to be printed for the paper.

What else are folks waiting for? He confessed, the police have the emails, he was a 35 yr old teacher that knew better the day he was hired over 10 years ago with the school. He developed a relationship with this teen. That is what a predator does. A cad will just sleep with her and go on his way. This guy developed his target.

I do pray he goes to jail for as long as they can keep him in jail.

I pray for his kids, and wife. They have to humiliated beyond measure. Well the wife is, the poor kids I hope have no idea what their dad did. And I hope they knew have to know. But he tore their lives up all the same.

I hope the girl gets some help. She will always carry this with her. Maybe thinking she wanted this, maybe thinking it is all her fault. But either way at the end of the day she is going to feel used and awful. And her classmates are going to dog her to no end. She will always be known as "that girl".

And at the end of the day, all the bad is on the pos that started this. He knew what he was doing from the get go.

If other teachers knew and didn't step up, I hope they lose their jobs as well. To know what is going on and to stand by and allow it, makes you just as guilty. 

Kayry --- 9 years ago -

Okay did the two of them actually have sex? 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Okay did the two of them actually have sex?

And, that we do not know. Did he confess to that? Did she claim to have had sex with him? Did a GYN check her for sexual activity - although that proves nothing unless it was immediately after sexual contact with him, the accused perpetrator, so that DNA can provide the definitive proof.

Something has happened that the parents of the girl and/or the DA are pursuing charges. It is very sad that he has placed himself and this girl in the position. If he is guilty I hope he gets more than a slap on the wrist, if he is innocent I pray he gets his record cleansed and that he develops a firm understanding that in this new world of ours he cannot befriend a young girl or boy, that he should have a chaperone present at all times.

I pray that what you are indicating is the case, that it is a no sex involved incident or incidents. It is still very inappropriate and it shows very poor judgement on his part. If this girl needed counseling he should have involved a female and/or the parent or someone the parent designated....but it was indeed poor judgement on his part to befriend this teenage girl by himself. In this day and age all men and women must use their heads at all times, thinking about what it will look like to the outside world, constantly thinking about improprieties.

My husband has been with scouting for many, many years....since our son was a cub scout. Back then it was nothing for a father to be with a kid who wasn't his own - to comfort a crying child, or to take a child to and from a bathroom if it was far away (would you want your 9 year old going to a bathroom 2 blocks away from the campsite?) If a dad's son was going to the bathroom, a couple of other kids would tag along. Now that cannot happen - ever!!!

Now, DH must take an online 'safety' class every single year, even though he only works in the office and is never around a scout....he's a volunteer at Strait one weekend a month during the school year. When I volunteered with the grandsons Twilight Camp for 3 years in a row, I had to take the same 'safety' class before I could be on the premises - all I did was help with various activities, not have one on one with scouts or groups of scouts. The safety class was specifically designed to teach the volunteer/scout leader on not ever being alone with a scout, always have another adult so it was 2 or more adults with 1 or more scouts.

Yes, there had been incidents over the US of scout leaders or volunteers either touching a child or accused of touching a child.....so to protect themselves they went totally overboard with protecting scouts and leaders/volunteers. 

AngieKaye --- 9 years ago -

the news reported that the text messages they read proved the two had sexual intercourse. So yes. 

Kayry --- 9 years ago -

My son was a student of his a few years ago and of course like everyone else loved him! My son is also a very fact based thinker and asked me if Mr. Harlan or the girl has confessed to actual intercourse!?!?

At this point I don't think he actually has... 

Fallon --- 9 years ago -

READ the news story. EVERY articles about this led with the title, Teacher admits to having SEX with student.

No the doc didn't need to check her she admitted it, the pos teacher admitted it, and ALL their emails were explicit to the point that only a couple could be printed. And the moron teacher put it all down in writing. He had sex with her.

He wasn't arrested because he flirted with a student he was arrested for having sex with a student.

How many more facts are needed? The teacher is a pos, and how anyone can even conceive to defend him at his point is unimaginable to me.

Everyone with a measurable IQ would wait for facts. No one would judge the teacher until they knew. Because the reality is that kids will lie. The police didn't arrest the teacher because of a rumor.

This guy has been lying to everyone for months. Once the police got his deleted emails, and had proof he confessed and was arrested. He has to post bond to get out of jail. 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

This is from the local newspaper 4 days ago:

Former Kingwood Park High School teacher accused of sex with student

Posted: Friday, January 24, 2014 3:53 pm


A former Kingwood Park High School economics teacher and football/soccer coach has officially been charged with an improper relationship with a student Jan. 23.

Zachary Burton Harlan, 35, was first placed on administrative leave Nov. 8, 2013 amid improper relationship allegations that were brought to the district’s attention and later resigned Nov. 11. Harlan has been an employee with the district since 2004, according to Jamie Mount, public information officer for Humble Independent School District, said.

According to court documents, “Kingwood Park High School Principal Lisa Drabing was first notified of the relationship by an anonymous call. Drabing called the student to her office where the student stated that she and [Harlan] were having sexual relationship. [Harlan] then met with Drabing and gave her a written statement regarding the relationship.”

The written statement provided by Harlan to Drabing stated, “Our conversations and emails began to become flirtatious and then inappropriate. I allowed her to become attached to me on a person level and I allowed myself to do the same. Our roles began to change as I began to take on a caregiver role and she began to rely on me.”

Harlan also admitted that, “At time, my relationship with the student got carried away and I allowed it to go too far.

The Humble ISD Police interviewed Harlan where he stated that from September 2013 to November 2013 that the two exchanged numerous emails from their personal email accounts and that the emails show that a sexual relationship was taking place.

Once the Humble ISD Police gathered all of the information needed, the bail in the case was set at $10,000 and Harlan was arrested Jan. 23.

He has since bonded out of jail and set to appear in court again Feb. 14.

There were also two orders for Harlan that include no contact with the victim and that he may not enter any school.

“Humble ISD has zero-tolerance for inappropriate relationships between teachers and students,” said Mount in a written statement in November 2013 to the Observer. “The district cooperates with law enforcement for the safety and welfare of our students.”

We will never really know exactly what happened, we would know more is we attend the trial, if there is one (he may just do a plea)....only the teacher and the student know the exact details. But his written statement and her verbal statement say what needs to be said. Now it should be handled by the courts and by the girl and her parents. If I were the wife of this guy I would be in divorce court ASAP. I'm a 'stand by my man' type person, but in the case of cheating or criminal activity I do not believe I would be there standing beside him. My heart would be broken and I would feel betrayed, so betrayed in many ways. 

Fallon --- 9 years ago -

Amen to that TO.

I feel awful for the girl, and her family. And I feel awful for the wife and his kids. Their lives are going to be torn apart, because this man did not know how to be a man. 

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