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November 1, 2014!

who's talking here?

TexasOma 5
rightwingmom 3
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rightwingmom --- 5 years ago -

High 71
Low 49

Who would laugh if I opened my windows and started a fire in the fireplace?
(At a minimum, light my fall scented candles all over the house!)


Pepper --- 5 years ago -

Hell, I've done it ... go for it and enjoy! 

FANCY PANTS --- 5 years ago -

I love this time of the year. I had my windows open a few mornings ago and it was so nice. Go for it! It's time for the smells of the holidays. 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. I like spring and summer, but totally dislike winter.

I love the smells and colors of fall, the temperatures are always moderate and comfortable. Being a born & raised Houstonian I doubt I could ever adjust to areas where it's already cold, I know I could not enjoy months and months of snow & frigid cold weather.

My best friend is a YANKEE, born in NY. She and her husband worked for the airlines and on their off days they would travel. Thirty something years ago, it was a long, frigid cold spell in NY and they decided to go where it was warm on their get-away. They headed here to Houston because the DH had a family member here.

She said when they left they had to bundle in heavy coats, when they got off the plane it was so nice & warm down here. They fell in love with the weather. Went back to NY and the temps were still frigid. They talked about it was was moved down here within a few months. She said she swore she would never endure another freezing cold winter & she never has - moved here, raised 2 kids and now has 5 grandchildren. Sadly her husband passed away this past Friday, the services were today. 

rightwingmom --- 5 years ago -

Update -
Sat.'s forecast:
high 67
low 46

Keeps getting better! Pulling out the vanilla and pumpkin spiced candles!

Sorry for your friend's loss! Prayers for her, her family, and you. 

AuthorMan (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

C'mon 28! 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

Aman, don't wish that on us...please. Maybe 35, but not 28. It's just too old for me. 

AuthorMan (Mod) --- 5 years ago -


C'mon 29! 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 5 years ago -


FANCY PANTS --- 5 years ago -

I agree Oma!

Daytime highs no lower than 65. For me that would be perfect. 

AuthorMan (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

Last offer:

C'mon 30!

Has to be under 30 or the neighbor will not fall on her driveway! 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

Aman, if you want that kind of cold you need to move to Washington DC.
-------> running for the door on that one! 

AuthorMan (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

running for the door on that one!

Well, when you get outside, don't slip on the ice and fall!

My turn to run (jog). 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 5 years ago -

Hey now, going outside constitutes a form of exercise, aka walking. That's not in my vocabulary, so I won't be falling unless I fall out of my recliner! 

rightwingmom --- 5 years ago -

AM, Oma, (even Fancy),

Ya'll crack me up!


AuthorMan (Mod) --- 4 years ago -


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