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What's with the Love Bugs?

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Pepper --- 9 years ago -

Here it is, October 6th, and those little SOB's are still flying around.

Normally they're only active in May and September and are usually gone by now.

Guess they didn't get enough "lovin" last month, huh? 

rightwingmom --- 9 years ago -

Noticed that the other day too. Had to shoo one (actually 2 - lovers) out my car. Does seem odd that they're still hanging around. 

Pepper --- 9 years ago -

They're really a nusiance!

Other than complaining about them on a messaging board, I can't imagine what God had in mind when He created them. 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

God created them on the same day he made the gnat, the fly, the mosquito and the midge...just to irritate humans. 

rightwingmom --- 9 years ago -

God's sense of humor watching parents try to answer their toddler's question about why their butts are stuck together! 

Froggie --- 9 years ago -


= ] 

AuthorMan (Mod) --- 8 years ago -


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