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American flag displayed at Webster apt. is "threat to Muslim community" and must be removed

who's talking here?

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rightwingmom --- 8 years ago -


I hope the entire complex hang flags on their balconies in solidarity!

Since when did it become offensive to display the American flag in America? According to Webster, TX resident Duy Tran, that is precisely what he has been told by his apartment complex management. They have told him that he must remove the flag because it was a ? threat to the Muslim community.?

KHOU, the CBS affiliate in Houston, reports on this demand by the Lodge on El Dorado. After moving into the community, Tran proudly hung an American flag from his balcony. He says the flag means a lot to him because he has had a lot of friends who have died defending it.

Tran says he was shocked when the apartment manager told him the American flag had to be taken down. He said, ?What really stunned me is that she said it?s a threat towards the Muslim community. I?m not a threat to anybody."


Links with KHOU's footage and story:
Patriot Update article

Article on The Blaze 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

I saw that on KHOU last night. The management was too cowardly to speak to the reporter, handing them a canned message instead. Even the other residents are supportive of Tran. 

rightwingmom --- 8 years ago -

The management was too cowardly to speak to the reporter, handing them a canned message instead.

And calling the police. You're correct...COWARDS! 

Pepper --- 8 years ago -

Where does this attitude come from?

Incredible, simply increcible ... 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

Pepper - IMO it has come from this politically correct attitude that the liberals have embraced. If one is offended by something (real or imagined) then all they have to do is whine about their being offended and it will disappear. Because of so many being offended, it has become important to prevent any offending by preempting the offense. It stupid, totally stupid, but what else would you expect from dem/libs. Absolutely no common sense. 

MonzaRacer (Admin) --- 8 years ago -

Yeah, that flag is such a threat...the wind might blow it off, wrapping it around one of their necks, strangling them...what a joke 

Pepper --- 8 years ago -

I have been flying my US flag on the house for years, and I also fly the MIA / POW flag out of respect for those who didn't come home.

If I was told to take it down (especially if someone felt offended by it) ... the fertilizer would hit the rotating oscillator.

Ain't ever gonna' happen ... 

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