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The wind is brutal!!!

who's talking here?

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Froggie --- 9 years ago -

I just took the grandfroggie home, good grief the wind was blowing my little car all over the road!

= \ 

Pepper --- 9 years ago -

I ran an errand to Krogers earlier this afternoon and there was a haze in the air from all the pollen blowing around.

And, I hate all of those little "stringy" things that are falling out of the trees ... especially after I spent the better part of a day last week raking all the leaves and junk out of the lawn before putting fertilizer down. 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

When we came home from the lake it was vicious on our pickup. Most of the time the wind was at our back, but when we crossed the lake on 105 and when we were coming down 1314 it would catch us. Hubby was driving so I just played on the internet and ignored it, but I could feel the gusts.

Up on the lake, our friends house faces the north and the waves looked like Galveston waves hitting their bulkhead. Whitecaps, so rough...and it was cold, cold, cold. brrrrr!!!!

When we got home I went out and trimmed back a Night blooming jasmine that needed cutting - OMW the wind was breezy. Didn't take me long to get that job done.... brrrrr!!!! 

Froggie --- 9 years ago -

I bet not Oma.....I took the trash out just a few minutes ago and dang it....it's COLD!!

I"m spending the day in the house tomorrow getting it back together from the grandfroggie spending her Spring break with us. Oh my....I forget how much mess a 12 year old can make.

I wouldn't trade it or her for anything though...it was a great week!!!

= ] 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

She is a cutie. Cutest tadpole I've ever seen. 

Froggie --- 9 years ago -

Awwww.....thanks Oma!!! I'm kinda fond of her.
= ] 

FabFive --- 9 years ago -

The wind is killing me! Have I already mentioned I'm SO OVER THIS WINTER??? 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

No FF -- you have not said that!!! I thought you were totally enjoying this wonderful hot/cold weather!!!

----------------->>>>> Oma running for the door!!! :-)


AuthorMan (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Just walked the dogs.

Looked like I had 2 white kites! (:-) 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Glad you walk them on a leash - they would have blown to Galveston in this wind. 

Pepper --- 9 years ago -

I don't want to wish my life away, but I'll sure be glad when the temperatures are warmer.


FabFive --- 9 years ago -

I agree Pepper. This is ridiculous weather. I'm not made for this!!

Maybe this means summer will go longer since winter stayed too late. 

TexasOma (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Today turned out to be beautiful. A little cool and a little windy, but it was so pretty outside.

I pulled weeds and dead Canna Lilies out of my front bed - still have much to do, but I made a fantastic headway. I love this time of year. 

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