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Handmade Goat Milk Soap & Lotion

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MiaBella Farm 1

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MiaBella Farm --- 9 years ago -

Thanks to everyone who placed orders for this past Christmas! I also wanted to let everyone know that I offer gift baskets for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and birthdays. Email me for more details: michelle@miabellafarm.com

Goat's milk soap is a natural healthy alternative to harsh commercial soaps, which are made with detergents and artificial hardeners.

Most people with problem skin, eczema (atopic dermatitis), acne and other sensitive skin care concerns find they can use our soaps with good results. For our friends with especially sensitive skin, or hard to control atopic dermatitis we also offer a line of unscented products. We only use essential and fragrance oils that meet our high standards for quality. Made from fresh goat milk, this soap is wonderful for all skin types and highly recommended for people with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and sensitive skin.

Milk has been used for centuries as a cleanser and skin conditioner. Now scientists believe that goat milk soap has a pH level that is closest to the skins own pH level. The milk contains Caprylic Acid, which assists in reducing the alkalinity of the soap bar. Cosmetic chemists are calling goat's milk "Nature's Liposome". Goat milk soap is easily absorbed into the skin, bringing with it moisture and restorative proteins, minerals and Vitamins.

There are 50 nutrients, including the vital vitamins of A, C, B1, B6, B12 and E, minerals, citric acid, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, enzymes, and a variety of other nutrients that nourish and revitalize dehydrated skin. Vitamin A is believed to slow down the effects of aging, prevent brown spots and thickening of the skin, while zinc contributes to the reconstruction of collagen fibers, encouraging moisture retention and assisting in maintaining your skin’s elasticity.

Goat Milk Soap 

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