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MiaBella Farm

I joined this crazy place on 2013-10-18, 9 years ago.

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I am a retired dairy goat farmer in New Caney, TX. I no longer offer milk, cheese or yogurt, but still produce Handmade Goat Milk Soap, and Goat Milk Lotion. I have my own garden to grow my favorite veggies. I make my own bread and I have a small flock of chickens for fresh eggs. I also raise Rhodesian Ridgebacks...best dog ever! I have 4 children and feel that raising them in a pure farm environment is the right answer.

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My Newest Creation - 9 years ago

[i]Flea-b-gone! [/i] Taken

My Newest Creation - 9 years ago


My Newest Creation - 9 years ago

[i]For a play on words: Flee flea [/i] Good one! It has already been used :-( So has Bug OFF and Bug Be Gone Still thinking... also wanted to state that this soap can be used by humans too. ...

Casablanca - 9 years ago

I am watching Casablanca tonight...man that Humphrey Bogart was hot!

My Newest Creation - 9 years ago

No drying of the coat, actually leaves it soft and shiny! One of my boys suggested Puppy Power...

My Newest Creation - 9 years ago

I have been pondering over a new soap bar for a few years and finally decided to make it today...what else better to do on a cold day right? The bar is primarily for dogs...to repel/kill fleas and ...

Shreddies - 9 years ago

I don't see men buying these...half the fun of letting go of a silent/deadly one is to be near your buddy...let it go...then wait for the reaction! My hubby tells me of these antics he and his co...

Where do you like to buy cowboy boots for women? - 9 years ago

I got my last pair online as well. You could also check DSW in Humble, they have them around Rodeo time...the other place that OMA is referring to is Boot Barn, they used to be called Baskins. I w...

Kolaches that I grew up on - 9 years ago

ARE NOT what the donut shops are selling! THOSE are called Klobasnek, a savory finger food of Czech origin. Kolaches are to only be filled with non-meat fillings. I have a Polish background and...

need advice from dog people - 9 years ago

I agree with AuthorMan...your brother needs to introduce you and should be with the dog for all interactions between you and him. He may be afraid of you OR can sense your fear and is taking advant...

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